Our Missions



Hanging Rock Christian Camp - www.hangingrock.org

Purdue Christian Campus House - www.pcch.org

Rana and Simie Samuels of Passion Ministries in India

Able and Ruth Sairattanyu - missionaries to Chiang Mai, Thailand


Job Hyppolite-Jean of Haitian American Cooperative Christian Ministry (HACCM)

Shalom (Lebanon IN)- Tuesday night free supper

IDES - International Disaster Emergency Services



Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Inc, provides opportunities for individuals, families, churches and communities to establish and strengthen their relationship with Christ.
Love In the Name of Christ of Boone County is a unique network of churches and agencies that respond to needs of ordinary people who need HOPE in the midst of a difficult time in life. As Christians, we believe that genuine hope comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. (I Peter 1:3-4)